I’ve been reading, watching and listening to C. S. Lewis’ ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ all my life. I’ve enjoyed many other books, but always returned to Narnia, again and again. Having grown up prior to the existence of the internet as we know it, I didn’t realise that other people felt the same way that I did about these stories. The purpose of CitizenofAnvard is to share Narnia-related thoughts and experiences; I’d love to hear your thoughts about any aspect of the books or related subjects.

I have now completed my detailed re-read of the Narniad, posting a chapter-by-chapter commentary reflecting on my thoughts and reactions along the way. Next, I’m going to try to recreate – and eat – all the meals described in the books. I’ll also be reading and reviewing books which relate to Lewis and Narnia. I am always on the look out for any sights or images in our world which remind me of Narnia, and I post these to the site via my instagram feed.


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